Celebrity Pets of Instagram

8 celebrities you should follow because of their pets

By Stefanie Gibson

Is your Instagram feed looking a little tired these days? Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want our endless stream of tasty food and decadent fashion snaps to vanish anytime soon, but sometimes we need a little dash of something darling. Celebrity pets make the perfect addition. Like us, celebrities are proud parents who love sharing their pets’ sweetest moments on Instagram and with irresistible faces like these we can totally see why. Check out Get Leashed’s list of must-follow celebrities so you’ll never miss Amanda Seyfriend’s dog in sunglasses ever again:


Marc and Neville Jacobs


Meet Neville Jacobs. There’s no doubting that this stylish pup belongs to the famous fashion designer, Marc Jacobs. You can follow Neville on Marc’s instagram, @marcjacobsintl. If you need even more Neville, you can follow him on his own instagram, @nevillejacobs. We’d even recommend following Neville’s best friend @choochoocharlies because the pair of friends are unstoppably cute together!


Amanda Seyfried and Finn


This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Amanda Seyfried’s dog, Finn and it certainly won’t be the last. Finn has some of the best poses on Instagram, showcasing the fact that he’s a very well-behaved young man. You can Finn-out all you want by following him @mingey.


Taylor Swift and her cats


We interrupt this steady stream of dogs for this unbearably adorable kitten. Olivia Benson is the newest addition to Taylor Swift’s family. We’re assuming the name is something this kitty will grow into (if you’re lost, Olivia Benson is the lead female detective on Law & Order SVU). In addition to this little sweetie, Swift also has a charming Scottish Fold cat, Meredith Grey. Well, what are you waiting for? Check them out @taylorswift.


Lauren Conrad and her pups


Each of Lauren Conrad’s Instagram posts are a perfectly stylish bit of inspiration and her pups, Fitz and Cloe fit right in. This blonde duo will elicit an “Awww” from anyone’s lips. You can find them making a regular appearance @laurenconrad.


Michelle Obama, Bo and Sunny


Our next pair certainly have the best digs. Bo and Sunny Obama are the first dogs and current residents of the White House. Michelle Obama shares the glamorous lives of her dogs @michelleobama.


Jessica Biel and Tina


Tuesdays just got a whole lot sweeter. Jessica Biel loves her Pitbull, Tina so much that she’s dedicated a day to her: #TuesdaysWithTina. That’s right, every Tuesday you can expect a new snap of this darling dog @jessicabiel.


Lady Gaga and Asia


We can’t get enough of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog, Asia. The images of this little diva-dog are beyond adorable. Check her out @ladygaga.


Drew Barrymore, Douglas and Lucy


Drew Barrymore is one of the most lovable celebs in Hollywood and the apples don’t fall far from the tree when it comes to her dogs, Douglas and Lucy. Don’t miss a fetching photo from @drewbarrymore.