Blair Drummie

The cottage life with downtown Toronto criminal and real estate  lawyer

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is about sharing good things with good people and taking a little time to enjoy the music along the way. ~ Blair Drummie

City: Haliburton County

About you: Toronto real estate and criminal lawyer, foodie, music lover and avid cottager. I live downtown five days a week, but spend most weekends out of the city at my cottage, just north of Toronto. There isn’t an aspect of Canadian cottage culture that I don’t enjoy. I love sipping wine and chatting around the campfire, exploring backcountry trails on ATV, midnight boat tours, and simply hanging on the dock with good friends and cold beers. For me the cottage isn’t just a second home, it’s a second way of life that I love sharing with those I care about.

About your pet: Charlotte is an 8-year-old pug who I share with my ex. She’s an unusually goodhearted little dog that gets along with people and pets of all kinds. Unfortunately, she’s also quite possibly the wimpiest creature you’ll ever meet. She’s afraid of heights, loud noises, sudden flashes of light, and can usually be found hiding behind my feet during a thunderstorm.


What’s your personal style: I’m a very laid back kind of guy. Since I’m suited up all week for work, I like to go casual on weekends. When puttering around the cottage I’m usually in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, or jeans and a hoodie. When going out in the city, it’s always dark washed jeans paired with a modern cut blazer. Simple and easy.

What’s your home style: The cottage is about relaxing and taking advantage of outdoor life. I entertain up here a lot so it’s important to have plenty of Muskoka chairs around for guests to lounge in, great tunes playing for ambiance, lots of fluffy towels for swimming, and a wine fridge stocked with libations of all sorts.

What inspires you: Because of my work in law I’m inspired by those who are fighting to maintain the rights of the individual in our society. I also attend the Burning Man festival every year and I’m always in awe of the creativity of everyone who participates. Human beings are rather extraordinary when they want to be.

Tell us a pet story: Charlotte is named after Charlotte County, New Brunswick, which is where she’s from. I gave her to my ex when we were visiting there, as a Christmas present. She wanted a dog for a long time, and I decided it would be a great time to get a pug (my favorite breed). I presented our new puglet in a pink stocking with a large pink bow around her neck. Charlotte was small enough to fit in her hand and yet had a big enough personality to be the pug that stole Christmas that year.