Tips and Tricks – What’s the Best Breed for You?

5 things to think about when looking to buy your first dog

By the Get Leashed Health Team

Photo credit: OneMags

So you want to get a dog, eh? But what breed? Even if you go the rescue route, which we at Get Leashed always recommend, you still need to consider your lifestyle and the breed, or mix thereof, you’ll be getting. Live in a condo but love big dogs? Work hard all day and all night? Always have extra energy and love to be outdoors sporting and running around? What’s the right breed of dog for you? Get Leashed offers five tips and tricks to help you find your perfect pooch.


You have it. Cheez Whiz has it. Your dog will most certainly have it. Make sure your idea of a good time matches your soon-to-be dog’s. Read up on breed personality before you purchase.

Consider space – both inside and out

Do you live in a condo? How much room will your dog have to roam? Will they need room to roam? Chihuahuas (too little) and Great Danes (too big) don’t need to much room, but a Boarder Collie you better believe they need room. Even if your living space isn’t the largest you can mitigate this with easy access to outdoor space, do you have it?


Will you be around to walk your dog as much as they need? If not, no worries, there are dog walkers. Next question, can you afford a dog walker? Think about it.


Where are you on the allergy spectrum? You might want to think about hypo-allergic breeds.


Do you have one? Do you want one? Is your potential dog considered to be family-friendly? Find out.

Red line

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