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Make a big impression with ALDO’s Boston Terrier-inspired wallet

By the Get Leashed Goods Team


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halossell_28_rg.jpgIn the world of trendy doggy-inspired items, we have long felt that the small, yet noble Boston Terrier has lacked due representation. Our concerns on the matter have recently and rather delightfully been alleviated. Prepare yourselves friends, because this level of cute doesn’t happen often in a wallet!

That’s right, the good people at ALDO® have pulled together a mini Boston Terrier masterpiece with their Halossell wallet. Made from durable vegan synthetics, this compact and practical piece is both stylish and sensible. It’s compact enough to take anywhere, but cool enough to make a big impression when it’s spotted.

Just imagine it, you’re at your fave local vegan lunch spot and just as you pick-up your delicious kale and chickpea Caesar, you bump into the man of your dreams. There he is, tall, dark and tattooed. And of course, he’s walking his Boston Terrier, named something terribly clever like Samuel Adams, or even Boston. Anyway, your eyes meet and in that moment you drop your whimsical Halossell wallet at Mr. Handsome’s feet. As he leans down to pass it back to you his eyes light up with a twinkle of camaraderie and he says “Whoa! Is this like, vegan? That’s cool.” Okay, so he’s no Shakespeare, but his cute dog might make up for that. You shoot him a wink and reply, “Why, yes. Yes, it is.”

For those of you who have less time to enjoy intricate romantic fantasies and just want a pretty awesome wallet, we’d give this one two paws up.

Aldo, Halossell wallet, available in black and white (Boston Terrier), or brown and white (American bulldog), $30.00

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