Tanya Grossi

Getting to know the style maverick behind Toronto’s Salvador Darling

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is about always moving forward. We all go through tragedy, heartache and pain, but you cannot remain in that dark place forever. If you keep looking to the future, you’ll become a far more interesting person and will learn to love life on a totally different level. ~ Tanya Grossi

City: Toronto

About me: I wear a lot of hats. I’m a bar owner, a DJ, a wardrobe stylist, plus a ninja on the side. I love living the good life: travelling, deep-sea fishing, taking long siestas, drinking tequila, indulging in a good kiss, dancing all night. Of course, when I’m not out on the town, I can be found walking my dog or lounging around, taking in re-runs of  The Sopranos. My dream is to one day open a B&B.

About your pets: Enzo is a three-year-old brindle pit bull, Lab and Fila mix. I got him off a street kid in the neighborhood. Cairo is fifteen and is half-wolf, half-husky. My partner-in-crime got him from a farm up north. It was the best fifty bucks he ever spent.

What’s your personal style? It’s a commitment to being exactly my own person at all times and having confidence and comfort in my own skin. I never buy what’s “in,” I buy what makes me happy. I love to mix it up. To me, style is instinctive—if you have to go through too much stress or trouble, then forget it, that’s not who you are.

What’s your home style? My home is adorned with a mix of finds from my travels and items from estate sales. I like having evidence of colorful adventures, every object in my house has a history or a story. As with my personal style, I seek aesthetics that make me happy and that reflect me. Once you’ve met me, you can walk into my house and know it’s mine—and it’s the same with my bar.

What inspires you? All kinds of things: the words of my favorite writers, but also the beauty of Italian Vogue, travelling, walks along the lake shore, risk-takers, and those who hustle hard to get the most out of life. Sleepless nights, and those who eat sunshine for breakfast. Instagram. Boxing. My parents. My partner-in-crime.

Tell us a pet story: When I first got Enzo he was a bit of an escape artist. One time he ended up at my neighbors and they had their back door open, next thing you know my neighbor has my dog sniffing her butt. Let’s just say she wasn’t pleased until she realized it was Enzo.

In a somewhat similar story, when I first took Cairo for a walk off-leash, I figured out quickly that he doesn’t recognize me as the alpha and never would. He took off running and I spent half an hour chasing him around the Exhibition grounds while wearing wooden heels. I couldn’t believe how spry he was for being fifteen–those heels got filed right down. Thankfully I got the dog back. If I had lost my partner’s dog, that would not have been a good start to our relationship! Let’s just say I keep him on a leash now.