Spotlight: Life of Vi

Rachel Simpson gives us the inside scoop on traveling with her French bulldog, Vi

By Rachel Simpson


Really, when you’re as beloved as Violet (Instagram: @lifeofvi), your life is one long vacation. Still, every now and then it’s nice to reflect on how good you’ve got it. What follows is a look back at the awesome summer had by our favorite little Frenchie, as seen through the lens and letters of her adoring owners.


The Staycation

When you only get three or four months of summer a year, you can’t waste warm weather waiting to escape. You gotta strike while the iron is hot (and the days are too)! Whatever the summer holds, we don’t want to do it without Violet. Backyard barbecue? We’re bringing Vi. Sunset strolls? Not without Vi. Lounging by the pool? Sleeping in? Sure, but Vi will be there. Granted, you can’t do everything with your dog, but those things that aren’t dog-friendly? We don’t really care to give them our time of day.



The Road Trip: Cape Cod

Taking your dog on a road trip is so much more than opening the car door and giving an enthusiastic, “Up!” Before leaving for Cape Cod, we had to get Violet’s vaccination history printed out, get her an Advantix prescription to protect her from ticks, contact dog friendly hotels, beaches, and even restaurants (they’re out there), and pack for five days away with our dog. The W Boston Hotel and The Mattapoisett Inn were both happy to accommodate Vi–ditto for Horseneck Beach, whose paw-printed sand made it a must-stop on our trip.


French Bulldogs can’t swim, or so the story goes. And perhaps that’s true for lesser dogs, but our Violet is a major beach baby. She has to wear a life jacket, but once she’s strapped in, Vi plunges neck-deep in the surf—after first plunging neck deep in the sand, of course. Exhausted from frolicking in the Atlantic Ocean for hours, Vi then naps in her crate, letting us slip out for dinner and drinks–two things Massachusetts does well.



The Road Trip: Boston

Yeah we were headed to the coast, but Vi is a city girl at heart, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to take her for a stroll or two in Boston. Like their Canadian counterparts, the geese and squirrels in Boston are undeniably chase-worthy, and Vi tried to bring her own brand of terror to a number of Boston Common’s quacking and nut-cracking residents. Like any street-savvy, city dweller, the ducks and squirrels hardly batted an eye. After cruising the streets, Vi got to unwind in the W Boston Hotel, which was easily the classiest joint she’s ever crashed in. The luggage cart ride left a little to be desired though.



The Cottage

Only a month away from her trip to Cape Cod, Violet again watched with confusion as we packed her bag. “Guys, what gives? You’re not leaving me, right?” Don’t worry Vi, we would never leave you behind and certainly not when we’ve booked a dog-friendly cottage at Buckhorn Lake. It was a family weekend, and Vi is very much a part of our family. At the cottage, she snuggled into laps around the campfire, drooled over s’mores, met a frog and a turtle (both significantly less enthused about her than she was about them), and went canoeing (in her life jacket, of course). Life’s ruff, guys.