Helping Halos

Supporting dogs that need a guiding hand

By Danielle Goreski


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If your favorite furry friend lives in a world of darkness due to cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disease, cancer, trauma or diabetes, Muffin’s Halo guides will help you find hope with a more affordable (and fashionable) solution to vision impairment. Not only is the design of Muffin’s Halo guides super cute, it also helps to restore your pet’s sense of independence due to loss of sight.


Muffin’s Halo guides consist of a thin metal loop that is worn around the dog’s head and attached to a cushion that puts pressure on the dog’s shoulders when it hits something, signaling them to stop and turn away. The halo can also be adjusted according to the dog’s needs. It’s lightweight and hugs the dog’s body closely, so that it feels like it’s a part of him. The halo isn’t wimpy either and stays in place while keeping your dog from bumping into people and furniture. Hungry or thirsty? No problem! Your dog can eat, drink, sleep and rest comfortably without interference from the halo guide. Not only does this guide provide your dog with increased independence, allowing them to walk about your home without fear, it can also be used to help your dog adjust to new places and surroundings.

This product comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit dogs ranging from a 2-pound Yorkie to a 100-pound Goldendoodle. It is also available in different novelty styles including butterfly, angel wings, and quarterback, with prices ranging from $70 to $135 depending on sizing and style.

The Halo guide is easy to clean too! Just remove the halo and place the wings and harness on the delicate cycle or hand wash it.

Muffin’s Halo guides, starting at $69.95

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