Tips and Tricks – Puppy Training

5 pro tips to perfect your puppy training

By the Get Leashed Health Team

Crufts Dog Show
Photo credit: Scott Barbour

So, now you have a puppy. “How adorable,” everyone will say. “How stressful,” you’ll often think. Of course you love your little guy but hey, we know better than anyone that training a pup is hard work. Here, Get Leashed offers you five tips and tricks to set you up for puppy raising success.

Mama and Papa

Because you and your family will be replacing your pup’s dog-family, be sure to provide a welcoming and social home. They want to form bonds quickly.

Everyone else

Puppy training should be consistent. If your dog is not yours alone, you should discuss training beforehand with everyone in your house so that you are all on the same page.

The limits of love

Puppies need to have limits set for them, whether that be off-limits rooms or furniture. This reinforces you as the master and the pup as subordinate.

Train in the moment

Reward constantly when your puppy is performing good behavior and only reprimand when bad behavior is actually occurring. Reprimanding hours after your pooch has chewed your plants only leaves them confused.

Take a walk

No excuses for poorly-walked pooches. The behavior your puppy learns when she is young is the behavior she will exhibit when she is older. Carry kibble with you to reward your pooch while they are still learning to walk.

Red line

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