Kyle Deinstadt

Getting to know the multi-talented designer and fabricator behind Kreater and Style Design Rock Roll

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is understood from the inside out. The more you understand about yourself, the more you’ll understand about life! ~ Kyle Deinstadt

City: Toronto

About you: I consider myself a “lifestylist,” a designer and a fabricator. Currently, I’m a fabricator at Kreater, one of Canada’s largest custom motorcycle shops. I am also a co-owner/designer of LA-based clothing company Style Design Rock Roll. My interests are broad but my focus revolves around design. Whether it be with a sewing machine and fabric or metal and a welder, I am always happiest when building, creating and designing.

About your pet: My dog’s name is Brando. He is a Rottweiler and is my best bud. Brando is very well-mannered and has an incomparable demeanor. He’s extremely friendly with all other animals, people and children. With that being said, he is definitely an attention-seeker mixed with a healthy dose of brat.


What’s your personal style? My style is a fusion between high-end rock ‘n’ roll chic and a dirty, grungy motorcycle street style depending on the day, the event or my mood and frame of mind. I have the ability to easily adapt my style to most circumstances.

What’s your home style? I live in an artistic style studio/loft that is decorated with industrial sewing machines, motorcycle parts, music equipment, barn board shelving and tables, black leather couches and 60s style vintage lighting. My loft converts from a stylish living environment to a functioning studio where I do most of my clothing design.

What inspires you? As an artist, I find inspiration in everyday things. However, I do find a great sense of inspiration in witnessing people who are completely unafraid of being themselves excelling passionately at what makes them different. Individualism is inspiring.

Tell us a pet story. I remember when Brando was just a pup I was only able to sleep when he slept. One day I was taking a quick nap while he was chewing on a bone. I figured as long as I could hear him, he would be fine. However, while I was dozing off he traded in his bone for my brand new Blackberry. As I awoke, I noticed a trail of little rubber letters that led to a very smiley Rottweiler with a mouth full of destroyed phone parts. Of course, nothing was backed up; it was a very sad day in phone-land.