Dr. Sheldon Says…

The keys to caring for your dog duringĀ a heat wave

By Dr. Sheldon Jafine, Get Leashed Veterinarian-in-Residence


Lawrence and I love the summer. Warms nights with cool breezes, rooftop patio sunsets, backyard BBQs, a day or two, or three or four, at the cottage. While it can be all fun and games things can quickly go awry when we forget that our pets need a little extra attention during the warmest of days. Hello, September heat wave! Not a week goes by that one of my clinics doesn’t treat a dog for heat stroke.

Most dogs, Lawrence included, love to play and won’t stop just because it’s hot and sticky out so make sure you dog-proof your place for summer weather, including lots of shade, fresh water and a place for them to lie down. Don’t forget that dogs love baby back ribs just as much as you do so keep your summer shindig scraps and leftovers secured away, lest you want your pup swallowing bones whole and perhaps a visit to the vet (who knows what guests toss in your trash at a sweet summer bash). Finally, and I’m being only mildly cheeky here, drink responsibly. That is to say, dogs have a terrible tolerance for alcohol so please be mindful of where you place your beer, wine or classy cocktail.

Thanks for listening, have fun and enjoy the sun!