Diamond Dogs

Eye-popping jewels for your precious pup

By Danielle Goreski


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diamonddog-mainSure, Marilyn was the one who sang, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” but apparently they have also gone to the dogs. Feel that your precious pup needs a bit more bling and sparkle in its life? Then you might be interested in splurging on the Amour, Amour dog collar, what just might be the most expensive collar in the world.

Priced at a whopping $3,200,000.00 (yes, I got the number of zeros right), the Amour, Amour collar is adorned with 1,600 hand-set diamonds and features a 7-carat D-IF centerpiece diamond set in platinum and 19-karat white gold, with crocodile leather finish. This exquisite piece is guaranteed to put your dog’s materialistic insecurities at ease and is so beautiful, you may just end up borrowing it yourself.

Amour, Amour, Diamond Dog Collar, $3,200,000.00

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