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5 reasons to brush your bitch

By the Get Leashed Health Team

Photo credit: kassandra

Grooming: it’s not just for humans! Of course you already know that if you have a long-haired dog brushing is a must to prevent massive, dreaded tangles in your dog’s coat. But their short-haired counterparts will benefit from some brushing love too. Get Leashed lets you in on 5 fantastic reasons why you should regularly brush your dog.

Improved circulation

Brushing takes away dead hair and skin cells, allowing the newer coat to shine through and breathe easy. This is especially beneficial in the summer when coats get thick, hot and humid all too quickly.

Shiny coat

Did your mother ever tell you to brush your hair 100 times on each side to have happy, healthy, shiny hair? Yes? No? In any case, brushing keeps up the health of hair follicles to ensure a beautiful coat.

Know their body

Regularly brushing your dog will naturally result in you becoming familiar with their body. Are there any unusual lumps? What about ticks?


Throw on your “story time” voice and get to brushing. With your calm and soothing demeanor your dog will think you’re a one-man doggy spaw spa.

More grooming, less lint rolling

Need we say it? The more vigilant you are about controlling loose dog hair while it’s on your pet, the less hair there will be lying around the house, collecting in the corners, stuck to your new pants, on your black wool jacket, in your food. You get the picture…

Red line

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