Alison Currie

Getting cozy with the owner of Toronto’s Cashmere Shop

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is whatever you design it to be. You are your own architect. ~ Alison Currie

About you: I am the owner of The Cashmere Shop—a boutique in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto that sells fine cashmere goods hand-crafted in Mongolia. As for the causes close to my heart, I support Heart and Stroke Canada, Nellie’s Women’s Shelter and Blessings in a Backpack, which provides healthy meals to underprivileged children. I love everything to do with design. I love books and beautiful buildings. And I love laughing and feeling happy.

About your pet: Our lovely cat, Coco, is an Abyssinian. Her parents were show cats. She was a runt and the smallest and most precious little kitten. Coco has the most gentle and sweet disposition and adores all people. She’s unbelievably friendly and patient with children.

What’s your personal style? I’d describe my style as classic contemporary. I love denim and cashmere sweaters. I love to layer and I’m always wearing a scarf or wrap.

What’s your home style? I think my home style is a real reflection of myself: relaxed, welcoming, clean, open, soft, fun, light and airy.

What inspires you? My children inspire me to evolve, move forward and strive for more. Architecture and design bring deep happiness and inspire me in my own designs.

Tell us a pet story. The wonderful thing about Coco is that she is very intuitive; she always knows just how you are feeling. If you are sad, she is right there. If you are happy, she does a little dance. I’ve had her for 11 years and through every change she is there silently by my side.