It’s a Cat’s World

Choupette releases her first book and launches make-up line

By Danielle Goreski

Photo credit @ChoupettesDiary

If you thought the world’s most glamorous cat had reached her peak of celebrity-worship and luxury-living, think again. Karl Lagerfeld’s fancy feline, Choupette, is launching her first book, Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat and is also set to star as the face of a new makeup campaign. Meow!

In her literary debut, the world-famous cat offers essential advice on lifestyle, diet, fashion, beauty, and international travel for the uber-fashionable feline. With the holiday season just around the corner, this book is the perfect gift for the fabulous cat lover in your life.

Hardcover, Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat  Buy it now!

Photo credit @ChoupettesDiary

Of course, Choupette’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there; she’s also set to star as the face of a Shu Uemura’s holiday makeup campaign. Renamed “Shupette” for the project, Lagerfeld shot the campaign images himself and sketched his cat in honor of her new gig.


Photo credit @ChoupettesDiary

Choupette recently tweeted about the new line: “From eye-shadows in minky, feline colors to dramatic false eyelashes and even a cult Shu Uemura cleansing oil imprinted with a portrait of me, there’s plenty of beauty booty in the range–and you should be seriously excited!!”

Photo credit @ChoupettesDiary

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Shu Uemura is calling their Choupette-inspired collection “the first tie-up between a beauty name and a house pet.” I say it’s time to step up your game, Cover Girl—maybe a Lil Bub collaboration is in order? The makeup line is expected to launch in October 2014 and until then, the brand is keeping a lot of the details under wraps. Press materials suggest that the Shupettte range is likely to include furry false eyelashes and “claw” nail polish.

Photo credit @ChoupettesDiary

I have high hopes that this line will announce its debut as 100% cruelty-free, although I’m sure Choupette already thought about this prior to inking the deal with the Japanese beauty brand.

Interesting fact: Karl Lagerfeld has used the Japanese brand’s eye shadows to sketch his fashion designs for the past 20 years.

On a different note, Lagerfeld, the creative director for Chanel, has also made his mark on social media with a project that doesn’t have much to do with fashion but is still tons of fun.


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