Tracking Toto

Finding your furry friend just got a whole lot easier with WhistleGPS

By Danielle Goreski


If you can find your car or find your phone through tracking devices, why not track your pooch? Whistle, the San Francisco-based startup known for producing the first “Fit Bit for dogs” is now adding GPS tracking to the next generation of its devices.

Ever wonder what your pet is up to during the day? Unless you’re going all nanny-cam on them, it’s impossible to know—until now. WhistleGPS is an on-collar location and activity-monitoring device for your pet that communicates with the Whistle mobile app, allowing you to track and monitor your pet’s daily activity habits, even when they’re out of sight. The cool factor is that you get to do this all through the luxury of your phone, by syncing with iOS or Android devices.


WhistleGPS also adds a peace of mind for owners of sick or aged pets, by being able to track their health on a daily basis and to take the stress out of worrying what their pet is up to when they’re not with them. This device also takes the guesswork out of wondering if your dog walker is doing their job by assuring you your pooch is getting the right amount of exercise while you’re out.

The impetus behind the addition of a tracking system to the original Whistle device is loss prevention. In 2012 the ASPCA released their first national study on lost pets. Revealing that 15% of pet owners reported a lost cat or dog in the last five years. Although the return rate of lost pets was a promising 93% for dogs and 74% for cats, alarmingly only 15% of pet owners were aided by identification tags or microchips. Although microchips are still an important part of pet care, in order for a lost pet to be found, it needs to be taken into a vet or a shelter to access the owner database.

Measuring only 38 mm in diameter and 10 mm thick, WhistleGPS is small and compact compared to some of the other trackers on the market, making it less likely to end up on the ground rather than on your pet. The battery life lasts about a week and the unit is also waterproof, able to withstand the busy active lifestyle of pets that like to roam outside—a key benefit for people with large properties or for those who like to travel with their pets.

Whistle also believes in giving back and has teamed up with the Morris Animal Foundation to defeat canine cancer. For every WhistleGPS pre-ordered, the company donates a Whistle Activity Monitor to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. This research program is tracking 3,000 Golden Retrievers to gain insights on canine health and to assist in improving the lives of pets for generations to come.

whistledogGPS-embedAvailable in black, green, blue, red or yellow.

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