Finding Momo

Getting to know the cute and coy collie

By Stefanie Gibson


Have you found Momo yet? If you haven’t, you should probably start looking. “Find Momo” is the Instagram sensation that takes hide and seek with a cute dog and mixes it with great photography. In most photos, it’s fairly easy to find Momo, but at times it’s more difficult than we’re willing to admit. Andrew Knapp, a graphic designer from Sudbury, Ontario and his border collie, Momo, are the duo behind this wonderful font of creativity. Now with 250,000 followers on Instagram, there’s no denying that there is something truly captivating about the pictures Knapp takes of Momo. In March of this year, the pair released their appropriately-titled book, Find Momo, which is a stunning collection of their trademark hide-and-seek photography. This prompted Andrew and Momo to pack their bags into a bright yellow VW van and go on a long journey together, bringing their book and Momo-ness to cities and towns across North America. We caught up with Andrew to ask a few questions about his adventures with his beloved dog.


GL: We’d love to hear the story. How did you and Momo first meet? Was it love at first sight?
AK: Definitely. Getting a puppy is the easiest thing in the world. The second you see those eyes and watch their fluffy little plush toy bodies fumbling around in some long grass and their little fragile paws slip between your fingers, there is absolutely no way you won’t end up keeping that puppy. Our story began much the same way.

GL: How was ‘Find Momo’ first ignited?
AK: Accidentally! I think a lot of great things happen accidentally. If we watch our surroundings carefully enough, we’ll connect some pretty mundane things into interesting ones. Momo hides when I’m about to throw a stick, a ball, or whatever. He’ll run off behind a tree, a rock, or a wall, and poke his head out and wait for me to throw it. This, in combination with me having a good camera in my pocket at all times (iPhone), and a perfect way to share it (Instagram)–it all snapped together nicely.

GL: What inspired the two of you to pack up and travel across North America in a big yellow van?
AK: I bought the van with the idea that I might like to take a journey with it. I’d watched Theron (@thiswildidea) and Maddie’s epic 50 state tour with their book, Maddie on Things, and figured this was the perfect opportunity to move into the van and hit the road.

GL: Besides hiding, does Momo have any other unique habits?
AK: He’s kind of a yoga dog. He does a really good downward dog. He also has complete control of humans with his big brown eyes.

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GL: You and Momo have accomplished a lot together. What have you learned about yourself and Momo since starting this creative adventure?
AK: Lots. One of the most valuable lessons that Momo has taught me is to explore a little further, and to discover a little more. When I first got him, we were walking near the house a lot, then we started venturing a little further into the woods, and finding so much beauty that we wouldn’t have otherwise found. It’s amazing how much there is to discover, in every sense, and all we have to do is step somewhere we’ve never stepped.

GL: While we’re sure there are many, tell us your favorite Momo story.
AK: When I had my house, I put Momo outside in the backyard before I went to bed, like I did every night. He started barking, which he’d do occasionally when someone walked by or something, but he didn’t stop. I went outside to see what was up, and he was barking at a tree, which I really couldn’t see because it was pitch black. I grabbed a flashlight and found a raccoon with a peanut butter jar jammed over its head like a helmet. It was hungry and trying to eat an apple, it was the saddest thing. I followed the raccoon up the tree with a ladder, and popped the jar off of his head. It was on so tight, it made a thump noise. It was pretty funny.

GL: What can we expect next from the two of you?
AK: Another book, for sure. That’ll be coming out next summer and I’m really excited for it. It’ll recollect our adventures driving across the States and Canada this year and it’s so full of beautiful moments that I’m so excited to share.

To get more Momo, pick up the book or follow him online!
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