Style in the City: NYC Lower East Side

The men of New York’s lower east side

By Danielle Goreski

Photo credit: daveglass/CC

Before the artists, hippies and other misfits moved into the lower east side, bringing with them bars, clubs, tattoo parlors and a decidedly hip feel, the LES was an altogether different kind of place. Following the America Revolution, the LES attracted many new immigrants and quickly morphed into one of the busiest commercial districts in the USA. Alongside current alt-music hotspots like the Bowery Ballroom, Otto’s Shrunken Head and R-Bar, you can still find remnants of the original center of Jewish culture in America, including the famous Katz’s Deli (I’ll have what she’s having), as well as many third and fourth generation businesses of Polish, Irish and Italian descent.

Following in the footsteps of his hustler forefathers, the lower east side male is cool without trying too hard. When heading out for the night, he chooses to forego the usual uptown dress code for a rock’n roll aesthetic with punk undertones that includes natural fabrics, leather and lots of skinny denim. On his days off, he can be found playing with his Boxer or American bulldog at Corlears Hook Dog Park Run.

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