Wireless Walking

Cut out the cords on your next dog walk with Powerbeats2

By Danielle Goreski


Red line

powerbeats2-2I’m a multitasker and rarely am I seen without my dogs by my side and a phone in my hand. As sweet as they are, my two dogs, Deedee and Bieber, definitely have minds of their own. When we’re out on our walks, I have one obedient dog that obeys all my commands and another who will gladly play zigzag in front of my feet. I’m forever stepping over their leashes and readjusting my purse on my shoulder. I’m also having to untangle the cord that attaches me to my lifeline (otherwise known as my iPhone) or replacing the ear buds that have just been ripped out of my ear when my dogs see a cat on our walk and decides to go from zero to sixty without warning.

Let’s just say, I hate wires. Wires get in the way of everything and sometimes I feel myself wishing I could just cut loose. Enter Powerbeats2 by Dr. Dre and welcome to the world of wireless on-ear headphones.

With their Bluetooth connectivity and a 30’ wireless range, these headphones give you an immediate sense of freedom. With up to 10 hours of playback and talk-time, I’ve found myself tuning into my own world and extending my walks for a couple of extra blocks.

So cut loose on your next walk. You’ll find the world a much more interesting place when you can chase after your dog to the latest Black Keys album without worrying about tripping over a cord—or having the chorus cut short.

Beats by Dr. Dre, Powerbeats2, available in black or white and comes with a handy carrying case.

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