Illustrating Jimmy Choo

The story of a man, his best friend, and their creative success

By Stefanie Gibson


There is an amazing, post-breakup success story getting attention right now and it all starts with Jimmy Choo. No, not that Jimmy Choo. We’re talking about the Internet’s newest superstar: a captivating bull terrier who brings his owner’s comic illustrations to life.

jimmychoo2Artist Rafael Mantesso knows what it means to take lemons and make lemonade. Or in his case, take divorce and make art. After his wife left him, Rafael and Jimmy Choo were left with nothing but the white walls of their home. Instead of seeing his space as empty and bare, Rafael saw a blank canvas and Jimmy Choo became his muse. Mantesso’s illustrations feature Jimmy in hilarious scenarios, notably as the leading man in Lady and the Tramp. Rafael and Jimmy’s whimsical images have quickly garnered a substantial fan-base–and it’s easy to see why. Cute guy + cute dog + cool concept = an equation we can get behind.

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Jimmy Choo shows off his classic good looks and romantic side.

jimmychoo3      jimmychoo4

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He’s definitely a sweet guy through and through.

jimmychoo5      jimmychoo6

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But he can be a little bit naughty too.

jimmychoo7   jimmychoo8   jimmychoo12

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Not to mention talented!

jimmychoo9      jimmychoo11

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And oh-so irresistible.

jimmychoo10      jimmychoo13

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