Play While You’re Away

With Pawly your pet is never more than a finger swipe away

By Brian Reynolds


Feeling guilty for leaving your best friend behind when you head out for work or to run errands? Well now there’s an exciting new crowd-funding campaign for an app designed to help relieve the angst of being unable to take your pets with you on our daily adventures. Pawly is an electronic toy that gives pet owners the opportunity to interact with their cherished critters while being out and about.


The toy looks like an awesome, futuristic, colorful mini-tank. It has pet-friendly all-terrain wheels and a durable orange rubber body shield that is sure to survive anything your pet can throw at it. The four wheels are large so Pawly operates regardless of how it lands. Pawly comes equipped with a high fidelity microphone and speakers so you can ask your best friend for a high five from the other side of the world. You can also record and capture those normally unseen moments in your pet’s day with the HD camera, which features 150-degree vertical movement and a wide-angle lens. It’s a unique, two-way form of remote interaction never before available to pets and their owners. You can also equip the Pawly with a treat blaster that you can command to toss out a treat after it lights up and makes a sound. If you have an Android or iOS device you can control Pawly over the Internet and there is also a web interface for your computer.

The idea for Pawly emerged at a Google Startup Weekend, the team then went on to beat nearly 1,000 other teams hailing from over 40 countries, which included over 15,000 participants to win the 2013 Global Startup Battle. The team is full of highly-motivated, passionate pet owners committed to finding solutions for staying connected to our loved ones when we have to leave them at home.

The Toronto-based project is hoping to raise $80,000 by October 30th via Indiegogo in order to keep the Pawly dream alive. You can pre-order a Pawly or, if you’ve got $10,000 to donate to the cause, you can make your pet the “spokes-animal” for the product launch. There are a lot of options for those interested in donating, including purchasing a $25 Frisbee with the Pawly logo on it.

The goal is to have Pawly ready to launch in March 2015. With this app up and running, the guilty conscience of leaving your pet behind will be a thing of the past.