Style in the City: San Francisco’s Mission District

The women of San Francisco’s Mission district

By Danielle Goreski


Welcome to the Mission: one of the hottest neighborhoods in one of the coolest cities in the world. Named for the mission built by the Spanish in 1783 (and still San Francisco’s oldest building), the Mission has seen its ups and downs over the years as it transitioned from working class immigrant neighborhood to punk hangout to urban renewal and gentrification. Now the Mission is home to fabulous restaurants, galleries, bars and a vibrant street life and is ground-zero for San Francisco’s cutting-edge foodie scene.

Living in the Mission is all about going with the flow—and the flow of San Francisco’s changeable weather in particular. The fashion-savvy Mission gal is, therefore a practiced quick-change artist who knows how to move through SF’s many microclimates. Since the weather in this ‘hood is often warmer and sunnier than in other parts of San Francisco, the Mission diva smartly dresses in layers that can easily be shed when the sun starts to shine—but she’s also always prepared for when the Bay area’s famous fog starts to roll in. Whatever the weather, this alt-chic Cali girl glows!

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