From Drab to Dog

Taking a house and making it a home

By Stefanie Gibson


Red line

fenellasmith-embed1It’s no secret that taking pride in your home is important and can have a real impact on your happiness. But with seemingly limitless possibilities, it can be difficult to make those tough, long-term decorating choices. Here’s a thought: our pets are so often what makes our house into a home, so why do we overlook them when we decorate?

That’s why we’re so into Fenella Smith. A quintessentially British brand, Fenella Smith has a range of delightful, handmade fabrics and ceramics often charmingly illustrated with dogs. Whether you fancy pugs, labs or dachshunds, there’s something in one of her collections for you.

fenellasmith-embed2For a dog lover, this decor is more than just cute. Fenella Smith’s Dogs Trust Range features dog-pack illustrated ceramics and stationary—and when you purchase from this line, 25% of the sales go to Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest animal welfare charity.

For those of you interested in getting to know the woman behind this creative line, Fenella has her own blog where she posts a behind-the-scenes look at her brand and how it was developed. If you’d rather get to know her dogs, they have their own blog too! Lovingly written from a dog’s perspective, this blog makes for an entertaining read. Such style! Wow!


Fenella Smith, Set of 6 Dog Mugs, $142.66  Buy it now!

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