Style in the City: San Franciso’s Mission District

The men of San Franciso’s Mission district

By Danielle Goreski


We love the Mission—San Francisco’s funkiest (and warmest) neighborhood. Everywhere you look, art is abundant and the area is alive with crazy hipster culture. Here you’ll find the largest concentration of murals in the city, adorning building, fences and walls, as a well as an inviting melting pot of cultures, cuisine and cool kids. Vintage stores line back alleys, while the delicious aroma of fresh-roasted coffee floats out of world-class cafés.

Like his counterpart, the Mission district gal, the Mission district dude is street-smart and style-savvy—an iconoclast who reflects the neighborhood’s eclectic vibe. Without taking himself too seriously, the Mission dude exudes confidence, masculinity, intelligence and charm. He loves a well-crafted, one-of-a-kind good and he’s not afraid to show it.

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