Jeff Koons, You’re Awesome!

The unapologetic artist pays tribute to the animals of pop culture

By Stefanie Gibson

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Photo credit: Ken Applebaum/CC

It isn’t news: Jeff Koons is awesome. With a distinctive and unapologetic artistic approach, Jeff Koons has been breaking the coolness meter with his pop-art style since the 80’s. But we just had to pay tribute to this man who draws much of his inspiration from pets, our bonds with them and the culture we build around them.

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Photo credit: Jeff Koons Studios

If you’re not familiar with Koons, he’s probably best known as the risk-taker behind the inflatable balloon animal sculptures. The sculptures are part of Koons’ “Celebration” series, which features several balloon dogs and other balloon objects scaled in grand proportions. Colorfully mirrored, these sculptures are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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Photo credit: Ian Turk/CCJean-Pierre Dalbéra/CC

Koons has also put his creative spin on contemporary pop culture. He created a giant sculpture of Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee, Bubbles, in which he captures an innocent and loving relationship between a man and his treasured pet. He also achieved what most would see as an impossible feat with his flower-covered sculpture, “Puppy,” which stands four-stories high in front of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.
Koons’ success and his playful style have left us with a body of work that pays tribute to a childhood love of animals that can be reflected upon at any age.

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Photo credit: Jeff Koons Studios