Say Hello to Ringly

Say goodbye to bad phone etiquette with wearable technology

By Danielle Goreski

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We’ve all been “that person.” We’re out for dinner, at a show, or sitting with friends and we find ourselves constantly checking our phone for the latest email or text message. Or maybe while on a first date, we’re waiting for the check-in call from our bestie asking how everything is going, and find ourselves jumping every time we hear the tiniest beep. Even at the dog park, you can end up checking alerts on your phone more times than you throw the ball. Yep, we are all basically just slaves to our mobile phones.

Enter Ringly. Just when it seems that technology has us firmly locked in its anti-social clutches, this new device is designed to keep us constantly tethered to our networks without making us seem like careless, self-centered jerks.


At first glance, Ringly looks like a piece of costume jewelry, but it’s actually a stylish high-tech ring that can notify users of incoming messages, notifications, phone calls and more. It does this through a variety of vibrations and a small tiny flashing light located on the side of the ring.

The Ringly app will be supported by both iOS and Android devices at launch and pairs with the Ringly hardware over Bluetooth. You can customize your notifications with four vibration patterns and five colors, allowing you to control who and what comes through. Ringly is currently set to deliver notifications from some of the most popular apps on the market such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Tinder.

Watch a video to see how it works here.

The battery lasts between two to three days, depending on the amount of notifications a user receives, and to save on battery life, Ringly also has the ability to go into sleep mode when not in motion. Best of all, if you find yourself constantly losing your phone, Ringly will notify you when you’re fifteen to twenty feet away from your tech-baby.

This isn’t the first piece of “jewelry meets technology” to hit the market. Other smart jewelry companies exist–however Ringly tackles it from a more fashionable angle. The ring itself is crafted in an 18K matte gold 3-plated micron setting with a choice of precious and semi-precious stones: Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Rainbow Moonstone, and Emerald. For those of you who prefer silver, a limited edition Ringly will be available in a rhodium-plated setting, featuring a tourmalated quartz semi-precious stone.

Ringly-Ring-dark-emeraldAs cute as the ring is, the truly interesting thing to see about Ringly will be whether or not it can fix our bad phone habits. It might just be high time we dust off our social etiquette skills and find more things to talk about.

Available in US sizes: 6, 7 and 8. Orders are expected to be fulfilled Winter 2014/2015.
Prices start at $195.00

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