Fashion’s Going to the Dogs

Photographer and animal lover, Bruce Weber, collaborates on a collection of accessories for stylish dogs

By Stefanie Gibson


When Shinola announced that it was collaborating with Bruce Weber, our ears perked up. Bruce Weber is the iconic fashion photographer made famous by his controversial ad campaigns and Vogue spreads. The sensual, all-American aesthetic in Weber’s photography takes you back to that perfect, long-lost summer. However, his photography has something even better than stunningly beautiful models–let’s be frank, it’s the dogs that Weber features in his work that we love the most. He has a remarkable talent for getting at the essence of what makes dogs so loveable, capturing their joy and loyal spirit and leaving us with a feeling of peace.

golden_bed_leash2_2000x1150The Shinola campaign perfectly captures the feeling of small-town America so enchantingly portrayed in Weber’s photography. With collars, leads, beds, and toys among the many pet accessories available, the line is understated and elegant. And as one of the many companies based in Detroit determined to build the city back up, Shinola’s pairing with Weber is a perfect all-American match.

This collection has much more than aesthetics going for it–the line supports several fantastic causes, including: The Michigan Humane Society; The Best Friends Animal Society, which has programs that spay and neuter animals to reduce numbers in shelters; and the Empowerment Plan, a charity dedicated to supporting women living in shelters. Pet fashion with heart is oh-so stylish and this collection is a perfect example.