Keep Your Eye on the Pumpkin Pie

A friendly reminder to watch your dog around the kitchen this Thanksgiving

By Brian Reynolds


Photo credit: Dale C/CC

One of the great pleasures of celebrating Thanksgiving is having a large feast with a gathering of family and friends. I come from a large family and sometimes on Thanksgiving we have close to twenty people around the table.  Preparing such a feast is no small order–my mother would often do days of prep to give herself a head start. With so much love and care going into creating such a special meal, it’s important–if you have a dog around–to always keep your eye on the pie.


It takes a really big turkey to feed the small army that shows up for Thanksgiving. While the turkey is cooking all day it makes sense to make your pies in advance. Pumpkin pies, apple pies, strawberry-rhubarb, lemon meringue pies–there are so many delicious ways to pack on those much-needed winter pounds. Hopefully, while mom (or dad) are whipping up some culinary magic, the rest of the family are cleaning the house or setting the table. Or, if you’re like me, strategically avoiding doing anything at all. Whatever your family’s traditions, with so much chaos around the house, it can be hard to keep track of what your dog is up to. And if no one is paying attention, you’re going to find the happiest dog you’ve seen in years and a half-eaten pie with lots of slobber on it. Having a canine wreak havoc on the dessert table is awful, but if you have more than one dog, you will at least be able to quickly identify the culprit by the colored ring of pie filling around their snout.

Most people do their best to keep their dogs from eating off the counter. But with so many mouthwatering treats being made for Thanksgiving dinner, can you really blame your dog for thinking the food will be more delicious than the standard kibble? I always turn my nose up at turnips, but my dog will slop them down like a champ. Human food is canine crack to some dogs because they eat the same thing every day. So this Thanksgiving, when the family cooks kick it up a notch, maybe if you’re (like me) the lazy-ass around the house, the least you can do is help everyone out and keep your eye on the pie.