Bruce Weber Kicks Back with His Dogs

Getting a little more of Bruce Weber & Shinola

By Stefanie Gibson

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Last week we introduced Get Leashers to Bruce Weber’s iconic style with our profile of his new Shinola ad campaign in a piece we called Fashion’s Going to the Dogs.  This week we wanted to bring our readers even more of Weber’s signature doggy-style as showcased in his fabulous short film, Kicking Back with my Dogs. In it, the edgy artist and photographer explains the inspiration behind the wonderful line of pet accessories he created with Shinola.

Watch the video on Yahoo’s exclusive channel.

As the film begins, you immediately get a sense of Weber’s immense love for his four-legged friends and the beauty with which he regards them. Weber explains: “As a kid,I realized that dogs are one of the most romantic animals in the world.” True to this simple belief, the film draws you into a carefree summer day in the sun being enjoyed by some effortlessly gorgeous models and happy-go-lucky retrievers.

Bruce Weber

The film’s narration takes you through Weber’s lifelong respect and affection for man’s better half. His love of dogs is no secret to anyone who knows his work; he often features his golden retrievers in his photography. It’s only fitting that the stars in this film are those very retrievers. It’s so refreshing to see a line developed with genuine passion and care. The dogs are not a cynical attempt at “connecting” with an audience, but a true inspiration for a great line of products.

And the end result is simply breathtaking. Shinola couldn’t have asked for a more beautifully heartfelt way to promote their line of pet accessories. Check out the video and then get your paws on the accessories here.