Style in the City: Toronto’s Yorkville

Well-groomed and well-tailored: The men of Toronto’s Yorkville

By Danielle Goreski


Not so long ago, men didn’t seem to have a lot of choice in the style department outside of big box retailers like The Gap and Banana Republic. However, according to the euromonitor, men are now dropping more money on clothing and luxury items such as skincare products and designer shaving gear, than ever before. And the men who shop, work and live in the upscale Yorkville area of Toronto are no exception. After all, if you’re going to pay those kinds of prices for real estate, you want to make damn sure the people you pass on the street know it.

The Yorkville male, or YM, is all about the “Menaissance.” Well-educated on the latestlabels, fabrics and grooming, he has a sense of style that leans towards the classic, with a dash of European flair. He appreciates good scotch, a fine Cuban cigar and being part of the “scene,” and not only does he look impeccable, but he smells great too. His condo lifestyle means that he leans towards the smaller dog breeds, but even if he’s walking his teacup-Yorkie, he exudes masculine charisma through and through.