Hunks and Hounds

Supporting animal welfare never looked so good

By Leslie Phelan

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Photo credit: Mike Ruiz for Louie’s Legacy

There is a calendar now available for pre-order that is aptly named Hunks and Hounds, and the world of puppy lovers is buzzing with anticipation for the launch of this 2015 wall agenda. Its pages will feature twelve white-hot Misters-of-the-month (each with magnificent mini-mutt) artfully shot by celebrity photographer and animal rights activist Mike Ruiz. And best of all, the proceeds from sales of the calendar will benefit Louie’s Legacy, an NYC-based non-profit, grassroots, all-breed animal rescue dedicated to saving, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals from high-kill shelters all across the US.

As far as animal welfare causes go, the good people who staff, support, and volunteer for Louie’s Legacy are making meaningful changes to the quality of life of our companion animals, turning those forgotten, left behind, or displaced critters into beloved family pets. In keeping with the tradition of calendars that feature ogle-worthy humans posing in come-hither poses whilst scantily clad, this one features aggressively attractive shirtless men holding and hugging some of the society’s most adorable, adoptable pups.

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With so many solid reasons to purchase this calendar, I think an animal lover would be hard-pressed to find a reason not to buy it. Just for the fun of the challenge, I have compiled this list of reasons:

Too much muscle

Yes, men who are in great shape are nice to look at, especially when they are hugging cute dogs and flexing while they do so, looking almost biblical as they represent what is generally accepted as the athletically perfect male specimen. Huge muscles, all lean and strong and sinewy – it’s perhaps too much hotness. How terribly uncomfortable, right? Oh and get this – Ruiz says that not only are all the dogs up for adoption, all of the models are single too. (You’re welcome/I’m sorry.)

What about the less hunky?

Seriously though – would you really want to bring a calendar like this into your house or office if you knew it might oppress the regular-ass dudes in your life? You know, the ones who aren’t calendar-boy material, and don’t hit the weight rack daily to sculpt themselves into Adonis-like excellence. True, men have ogled calendar girls since the dawn of the printing press, but here is our chance to be better than that, lest we indirectly force the pudgy-sweet, stagnant men in our lives to reconsider their physiques.

It’s going to make you want a puppy

Okay, yes, dogs are amazingly amusing and adorable. But seriously, this calendar, filled with these intensely alluring fur balls and their equally fetching human props will make you want to bring a puppy into your home immediately at any cost.

Shameless over-saturation.

I don’t know about you, but I find it just a little off-putting when someone decides to bring together two things that are already so intensely covetable on their own. It’s borderline rude! One set of puppy dog eyes staring out at you from behind the glossy sheen of the calendar-quality photo paper is enough to make you swoon, but TWO sets?! It’s not fair. And as a people, perhaps we really shouldn’t support the over-inundation of desire being sold to us.

Unrealistic expectations

Yes, I know, it’s only a calendar. And yes it’s true, calendars are meant to feature pictures of things that in real life people may not ever actually attain. An old family neighbor has had the same dusty calendar of eighties-hot Lamborghini chicks in high-cut swimsuits hanging in his garage for as long as I can remember. As far as I know, his wife is still short and round, and his car is still a Toyota. Obviously his outdated calendar of wishful thinking didn’t ruin him, but do you think it helped him get excited about his beat-up Tercel every morning while he turned the key for his morning commute? I’m thinking not.

So there you have it, hot-blooded straight ladies, gay men, and every dog lover in between. If my ridiculously flimsy reasons for not buying this calendar have (rightfully) failed to dissuade you, then head over to the site right now and show your support for this humane cause and the (handsome!) hearts behind it.

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