Dog Sweater Season

The coziest & cuddliest essentials this autumn

By Danielle Goreski


Yep, it’s definitely that time of year. The sweet smell of fall. The cold nip in the air. Beautiful autumn colors. Warm layers. Dog Sweaters.

Okay, we all know that dogs don’t really need sweaters in the fall. But if your dog doesn’t have a heavy fur coat, there is only so much curling up she can do to keep warm. So if your best bud is small and/or has short or thin hair, why not do her a solid and wrap her up? For small breeds, a sweater can definitely make a significant difference in terms of well-being — plus it’ll guarantee that your pup will be one of the most stylish bitches on the block. While some of the sweaters out there remind us of Grandpa, dogs are cute enough to pull off even the most deliberately hideous color scheme. In fact, let’s be honest: adding a fun, off-the-wall, whimsical sweater says more about your personality than that of your dog. So get on board with this sweater weather and check out our favorite picks for Fall 2014.