Surf and Spa with Your Dog

L’Auberge Del Mar – Sun, surf and spa with your pooch

By Si Si Penaloza


Finding a sweet San Diego retreat for a little surf, spa and doggie splash time is a tall order. Some hotels tick two of the boxes but come up short on the spa. Others may boast a swoon- worthy spa but prohibit our four-legged best friends. Good thing Get Leashed is on the case, sniffing out the best for our readers. L’Auberge Del Mar is in a class of its own on the dog-friendly front.

This stylish resort is located in the heart of Del Mar and best of all, features a private path to pet-friendly Del Mar beach. There’s no sacrifice in style in favour of pet-proofed interiors. The hotel is just gorgeous. Think cosmopolitan California beach-side — muted seascape colors, open-air breezeways, Pacific ocean views. Like clockwork, at the end of each day, a parade of chino-clad patrons swans into the lounge bar; this is area’s most popular venue for sunset champagne, cognac or calvados.

8-lauberge-del-mar-san-diego-california  L'au Berge Del Mar

L’Auberge Del Mar acknowledges your pup as part of the family, creating a relaxing ambiance for all, especially your pooch. When you bring your dog here, it’s their home away from home; they experience the same gracious and personalized service as you, starting of course with a pooch welcome amenity.

If your pup is on the chill side, the easy going staff will let her hang at reception while you hit the spa. The Spa at L’Auberge Del Mar is a case study in the classic SoCal attitude toward style and relaxation. With surfboard adornments, touches of seagrass and citrus-hued accents, it’s rejuvenating just to kick back in this space.

It’s easy to envy the residents of Del Mar, with their seaside bounty of fresh air, orchards and vines. But when San Diego County’s most famous culinary ingredients – lemons, tangerines, avocados, figs – make it onto the treatment menu, jealously melts into submission.

I highly recommend the Vineyard Body Bliss treatment. It’s a kiss of Southern California, starting off with an antioxidant-rich chardonnay body buff, exfoliating dull or dry skin. The therapist then nimbly envelopes you in a nourishing cocoon of Chardonnay shea butter, replenishing the body with nutrients and antioxidants for a lasting hydration. For more sporty types, the California Rejuvenation ritual is recommended. Think invigorating coffee body buff for increased circulation, followed by a muscle relieving body wrap to soothe overworked muscles. Best of all, the therapist tops it all off with a de-stress muscle full body massage and a spine-tingling scalp massage.

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If you opt for a facial, letting your Maltese lick your face all up and down when you reunite post-treatment may sabotage optimal results. Hold off on the love fest for at least a few hours, allowing the facial’s bioactive proteins to take effect. Moreover, the skincare ingredients may disagree with your dog’s delicate digestion.

L’Auberge Del Mar’s appreciation for petite pooches comes from quite an endearing tale. The story goes, it all began with a little lady named Buttercup. Hotel staff found her lost and wandering the grounds of L’Auberge Del Mar during a renovation, so naturally they took her in and fell in love pretty much immediately.

Then Buttercup’s Mom came looking. Parting was hard, but the staff was happy to deliver Buttercup to her rightful owner after a few comforting cuddles. As the hotel loved this little pooch so, her Mom promised that once Buttercup had babies of her own one of them would return. A year went by, L’Auberge Del Mar reopened, and one day they received a wiggly little present from Buttercup: a tiny pooch named Sofie! Ever since that day, Sofie and L’Auberge Del Mar have become inseparable.H Sofie 2012 b

Sofie is a hypoallergenic French Poodle, born on July 4th 20, 2008. Sofie works tirelessly with L’Auberge Del Mar’s leadership team to allow petite, lovable pooches like herself to stay with their owners when visiting L’Auberge Del Mar.

Sofie’s Favorite Spots

While Sofie’s favorite pet friendly place to lounge is L’Auberge Del mar, sometimes a girl needs a little adventure. She loves to visit Dirty Dogs Dog Park then take a dip at Dog Beach, both of which are just a short stroll from the hotel and are the perfect place for a spot of exercise. Or, if she’s feeling like something savory, Sofie loves to stop in at Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar Village.

Sofie’s Passion

Sofie has been a celebrity judge at the Helen Woodward’s Annual Puppy Love 5K event. She’s a strong supporter of the shelter’s efforts in finding forever homes for pets and encourages families to adopt through the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Pet Policy for L’Auberge Del Mar

The hotel happily welcomes pups & parents. Your pooch is welcomed with a goodie bag including pet bowls (one says champagne & the other says caviar), organic dog treats, and a copy of the pooch policy. The hotel can arrange for dog-sitting, walking and grooming as well as training, play time, counseling and just about anything a furry little friend may need. Some guests leave their little pooches at the front desk to hang out with the staff and greet guests.

L’Petit Pooch Policy

Pet must weighs 15 pounds or less. A pet fee of $100 per stay covers guest room cleaning charges.