Style in the City: Miami’s Lincoln Road

Stay cool with the men who love dogs and style in this hot city

By Danielle Goreski


Miami is a city known for its sunshine, parties, gorgeous women, clubs and Cuban flavor. At the heart of all this madness is a mecca for fashionable dog owners: Lincoln Park. This pedestrian shopping area on Miami Beach is teeming with pooches, and on any given sunny afternoon you might just find yourself outnumbered on your favorite cafe patio by those of the canine persuasion. Yep, whether you’re packing a tiny terrier or a Great Dane, your dog can sit by your side at any of the restaurants along this popular South Beach shopping and dining strip.

When it comes to the Miami man, it’s all about dressing comfortable as well as looking cool. The tropical climate demands a bit of breezy casual wear–relaxed cuts and lightweight fabrics are definitely in order. Of course, looking stylish is a must for getting into the hottest clubs come Saturday night, so the Miami man always knows to keep his labels in check. A sexy pair of aviators can’t hurt either.

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