Come Clean Dog Bars

Shareable dog soaps that have us saying bow-wow-wow!

By Stefanie Gibson


We share everything with our dogs: our beds, our snacks (don’t tell the vet!), our cars and our love. So why not share one more thing? Well, thanks to Yvonne Kai, now we can: soap! Yeah, it sounds weird, but if you haven’t heard of Come Clean Pop Culture Soap, prepare to say, “I want that!”

Come Clean soaps come in a variety of clever categories ranging from sneakers to fast food–but the line of adorable dog soaps are definitely our favorite. Each soap comes with a small dog figurine inside. And these soaps have got some serious muscle to back up their cute concept. All natural and paraben free, the bars are human and pet friendly. Made with gentle glycerin soap, you’ll find that each bar has a moisturizing effect for both you and your pooch.

DOG25Yvonne was first inspired to create these adorable soaps by her pitbull terrier, Jacob. Baths were one of Yvonne and Jacob’s first real bonding experiences, and when Yvonne realized that she needed something unique to keep Jacob’s short, white fur clean naturally, she started making her own soap.

Not only were these soaps born out of Yvonne’s love for her furry best friend, but when you buy a Come Clean dog soap, you get to make all kinds of fun choices. First, pick a breed that’s close to your heart. Each of the breeds selected are those that most often end up in shelters. Next, pick your scent. Because the scents are naturally produced using different ingredients and essential oils, each scent has unique benefits. If your dog is prone to fleas or ticks, Lemon Eucalyptus is your first choice. You’ll want to reach for the Lavender Coconut bar if you need something really moisturizing and if bath-time is stressful for your pooch, the calming scent of Bergamot Sage will do the trick. Whatever you pick, you can’t go wrong. A soap made with love is a soap we love!

Browse the whole collection here and check out some of our favorites below.