The Shiba with Steez

Celebrating the most dapper dog on the Internet

By Jon Nelson


The majority of dogs, even the most well-trained and trusting of them, resent being dressed up–especially when it’s their first time. While some dogs eventually embrace being clothed, sporting some pretty badass, functional  sweaters and booties in the colder months, other, more complacent pooches are turned into pageant dogs living their lives in a world somewhere between overly adorable and plainly insane. And that was pretty much it in the dog dress-up department, save for the odd special occasion (Halloween, Christmas, Crazy Owner Day), when a shark-fin shirt or a set of antlers made an appearance. But as we well know by now, the Internet changes everything. “Style,”once a word attributed only to human sartorial expression, has evolved rapidly, making its way to those of the K9 persuasion. We’ve now entered the era of the dapper dog.

No dog plays dress-up with more earnest style than Bodhi, the Shiba Inu. And that’s because, well, he looks like a G. Forget the bedazzled chiffon on those pageant poodles. As it says on his Tumblr, this Shiba’s got “steez in need of noticing.” What’s steez you say? That’s style with ease, baby (RIP Guru).

While we think it’s the tits that Bodhi is named Bodhi because of Patrick Swayze’s character in Point Break, and his owners(handlers), David Fung and Yena Kim are SO COOL, we’re not going to reiterate all the details of how Menswear Dog came to be, Bodhi’s life, and his $15K/month modeling racket. Fast Company already did a great job covering that.

Because we ‘re all about fashionable people and their fashionable pets, we’re just going to pay homage to this dog that’s owning the style game and the creative geniuses behind him. Here are some of our favorite pictures from his site, mixed with pieces we think Bodhi would look good in. And if you’re half the style maven this dog is, you might look good in them too. Here’s to you, Bodhi.