The inspirational determination of the two-legged chihuahua

By Stefanie Gibson


We’ve had a little crush on TurboRoo for quite some time now. Ok, a big crush. If you haven’t heard, TurboRoo is the unbelievably adorable, internationally famous chihuahua who was born without his two front legs. He’s the first dog to receive a 3D printed cart to aid in his mobility. And this all has been accomplished by a little guy who is barely 5 months old.

Turbo’s original family was unable to care for him because of his disability and he was dropped off at a veterinary clinic for adoption. Luckily for Turbo, Ashley Looper, who was working at the clinic, took him in as a foster fur baby and later adopted him.

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Looper helped Turbo “find his feet’”and built his first cart out of toy parts. Later his carts got more advanced and today he uses the first 3D printed doggy cart to roll around.

His quick rise to fame began when a client at the veterinary clinic wrote an article about the little dog that could. That simple story went viral within 5 hours and it’s easy to see why. As Ashley explains: “First of all, he’s adorable. But, I think it’s more so that this is the underdog story. You know, this dog could have been euthanized, but he’s overcome so many things and has been given so many opportunities already.”

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When Turbo joined Looper’s family, he found some true friends. Looper had recently fostered a kitten–Navin–whom everyone thought wouldn’t make it. When Turbo joined the gang, he and Navin became fast, inseparable buds: “I decided to foster Navin because he was tiny and really needed support–we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. Since day one, Navin and Turbo have been inseparable. So, we decided to adopt both of them and keep them both together.”

So what’s next for Turbo? Ashley explains, “He’s is up for a dog award from CW in January and he’ll be doing a partnership with Purina. Really just trying to educate people that just because a dog has a disability, it doesn’t mean you euthanize them or put them in a shelter.” As if that’s not inspiring enough, Turbo will be making his own 3D printed carts for other little doggies with disabilities. You go Turbo!

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