How to Avoid the Guilt of Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

iCPooch let’s you interact with your dog while you’re away

By Patrick Cullen


Photo credit: 8 Kome/CC

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve felt it: the guilt that arises when you’re leaving for work, on vacation, or out for a night on the town. Just as the door is closing, you see the sad, confused expression on the mug of your furry best friend. The toy falls from their mouth and their tail stops its adorable wagging. “Why are you abandoning me?” their puppy dog eyes ask? “Don’t you wuv me?” In your mind, the thoughts start racing. You picture your poor dog staring out the window, waiting for your return, or taking depressed naps, or anxiously pacing the house, hoping for the sound of your key in the door. It’s enough to bum any dog owner right out.

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Thankfully, a 14 year old girl had the insight to design a relatively new product and in partnership with with tech company, Bondgy, Inc., based in Spokane, WA, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product to allow you to leave your puppy behind guilt-free. It’s called the iCPooch, and it’s described by Bondgy as “Interactive Care for Dogs.” Basically, it’s a small digital product with a monitor and camera on the front that is attached to a tray. Not only does it let you video-chat with your pooch from afar, but the free app lets you feed your bud with the touch of a button. It’s basically the perfect hybrid – a way to check in on your pup throughout the day AND a vending machine that lets build up morale. Finally, you can keep that doggie-detachment depression at bay—without dipping into your own stash of Prozac.

At only $100, the iCPooch is a steal, especially when you consider the cost of buying video-chat hardware and app-controlled vending machines separately. I’m no economist, but I’d be willing to bet it would cost more than the average dog owner is willing to pay, even for your pup’s peace of mind. And now that this technology exists, hopefully they’re on their way toward inventing a machine that will let my French Bulldog, Mila, hit a button with her paw to dispense me a beer from afar, in return for all those treats I’ve sent her way.

Check out the original video for the iCPooch Kickstarter campaign here.