Life of Vi: Legend of the Fall

Violet the Frenchie showcases all the best that autumn has to offer

By Rachel Simpson


It is the fleeting season between molasses-thick humidity and that abomination of the elements known as winter. A time of year when you need not pack a water bottle, nor suffer your little canine to tromp awkwardly about in her rubber boots; where every fallen leaf conceals a mystery, and squirrels are their portliest, most cumbersome selves. Yes, fall is dog season.



Surely you recognize the strangeness of it all; the dressing, accessorizing, anthropomorphizing of our canines is a bit, um, odd. But maybe sweaters are the exception? After all, it does get colder in the fall, and many dogs, little Violet included, respond poorly to the creeping chill. Moreover, a sweater doesn’t seem quite as absurd as a raincoat (Vi has one) or a parka (has one of those, too), or the aforementioned rubber boots. Besides, a cable-knit sweater–maybe a striped number from The Bay, or if you’re really lucky, a cashmere sweater from Ruby Rufus–are just really nice things. And what girl, no matter the species, doesn’t love nice things?



Chocolate is poisonous to dogs–maybe not to the extreme that you’ve been told, but it’s poisonous nonetheless. In that sense, Halloween is not for dogs. But the idea of doing a trick for a treat? Or just getting a treat for asking for one? Those are endeavors near and dear to Vi’s heart. Nor is she above dressing up to get your chips, your Doritos, or whatever that thing you have in your hand is. Last year, she went as Minnie Mouse, agreeing to wear those iconic ears just long enough to sate her desire for treats. This year she was tricked out in 80’s fashion with the best accessory of them all: her pal Kiara. Both of them were as pretty in pink as Molly Ringwald.



You get a dog because you are looking for something in your life: a companion, a little creature to love, something to be responsible for, responsible to; you get a dog because having a dog is fun. And fun, when it doesn’t hurt anybody, is nothing to be ashamed of. It also comes in many forms; for example, the Annual French Bulldog Halloween Costume Parade. It’s a thing—Google it. So you dress your dog up, you dress yourself up, and you parade around Trinity Bellwoods Park like nobody is watching because at worst, you don’t care if they are, and at best, you’re banking that they will. You do this in the name of fun, and because any reason is a good reason to hang out with your dog.



Life can’t be all about costumes and parades though. Sometimes you need to unwind, to stop and smell the roses…and maybe eat them too. Okay, there are no roses in the fall, but High Park still has plenty to offer: fat squirrels, a maze of off-leash trails, tempting ducks, and, most importantly, french fries from Grenadier Restaurant. Check that. Vi loves french fries, but not more than spending a fall afternoon strolling with her favorite people, weaving in and out of their legs, rubbing her face on them to make sure they’re keeping up. And we’re happy to take her, happy to play our part as the supporting cast in our little legend’s escapades.

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