Social Pets – Bleecker the Frenchie

Bleecker the Frenchie showcases why he’s @WeWoreWhat’s best accessory

By Jon Nelson


If there’s one person who’s taken the “fashion blogger” label and made it a tangible, credible title, it’s Danielle Bernstein. Her awesome blog, We Wore What, features Danielle in trendy, style-defining outfits, sporting her signature aviators on the streets of NYC. And if there’s one thing that any style maven knows goes with every outfit, it’s a cute, loveable dog – especially one that can sit happily while a photographer snaps away.

Named appropriately for one of Manhattan’s most well-known east-west streets, Bleecker the Frenchie is the perfect dog for someone with such refined style. This adorable little dude can pull off the cute-at-home look while also melting hearts on the street corner next to Danielle in one of her killer outfits.

If you like adorableness and could use even a tiny bit more in your life, we highly suggest you follow Bleecker on Instagram. His best shots with Danielle usually end up on We Wore What’s Instagram page, which is a must-follow for fashion inspiration from someone who has helped define NYC Street Style. Danielle is proof that no one item can carry an outfit; every detail needs to be considered to bring any signature piece of clothing to life. But if you’re a dog fan, you’ll probably agree that her best outfits have one very special accessory — and he goes by the name of Bleecker.