Tracy Briggs & Jeremy Abergel

Get Leashed hangs out with one of Toronto’s loveliest couples and the puggle that completes them

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


As Senior Manager of special events at the Canadian Opera Company, Tracy Briggs knows how to do it up big and splashy – but always with elegance and style. That’s why it was so cool to get to hang with Tracy and her fiancé, Jeremy Abergel, at their apartment in the buzzing Little Italy neighborhood of Toronto. Their funky space reflects both of their personalities–while Jeremy has created a technological wonder of an entertainment hub in his workspace, Tracy has given the place life with trendy flare–a women’s touch that’s not too over the top.

In a lovely complement to Tracy’s cool job, Jeremy runs a website design company, Evoke Designs, which caters to clientele looking for a modern site with a strong creative element. Needless to say, as a couple, the creativity pours out of these two and you can tell they each have an eye for detail and enjoy finding what suits them best.

This same decisiveness helped when choosing their first dog together. Anyone in a relationship knows that compromise is key, so when one person wants a big breed and the other a small, a detail-savvy eye can really come in handy. And thus Myles came into their lives – the puggle with a heart of gold. As Tracy says, a puggle is a great in-between breed size-wise that maintains the smarts of some of the bigger dogs. You can tell that these two have a lot of love for Myles and he loves them back wholeheartedly. In fact, the bond between these three is so tight that Myles recently featured in their engagement photos – and looked hella cute with a camera in his face.  Below, Tracy shares a bit more about her everyday life living in Toronto and working in one of Canada’s most prestigious cultural institutions.

About you:

I am the senior manager, special events at the Canadian Opera Company. We have three annual fundraising events: Fine Wine AuctionOperanation and Centre Stage: Ensemble Studio Competition Gala. I also oversee our young patron program, Ensemble Circle (link: On any given day I’m meeting with committee members, sponsors, vendors, creating a run schedule or coordinating our marketing material for our events. My favourite part of my job is event day! It’s when all of the planning and hard work comes to fruition and all of the creative ideas and activations come to life.

What’s your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend is packing up a picnic basket and going to the park (usually Trinity Bellwoods) with Myles and my fiancé Jeremy. We spend the afternoon people watching and playing bocce ball.

 About your pet:

Myles is a puggle. Originally Jeremy wanted a large breed and I wanted a small one, so we thought that a puggle was a good compromise and found Myles. Myles loves to snuggle and whenever I’m lounging on the couch he jumps up and finds a nook to nestle into.

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine with classic silhouettes, but with a bold or playful twist

What inspires you?

I am a Gemini, so I truly believe in experiencing a little bit of everything. Life is too short not to maximize your day, striving to take on new challenges and trying new things.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Cozy and meaningful. We love to live in a comfortable environment, so we have a lot of couches, pillows and blankets to achieve that. I also love fresh flowers and make a weekly trip to our local florist. All of the items in our home have significance to our experiences that we have shared together – from the painting we bought in Montmartre the day we got engaged in Paris, to the art books we collect on our trips and our ‘love painting’ we created together.

Share an anecdote about your relationship with your pet.

Coming home after work is the best, Myles gets so excited to see me that he whines and wags his tail when I walk in the door. He usually gets the most excited on Mondays, as I’m gone for the entire day after spending the weekend with him. Sometimes he freaks out so much that he will whine while running around our home, jumping on and off of the walls and couches. It definitely makes me feel loved!

Get Leashed wishes Tracy and Jeremy a very happy wedding this February!

Engagement photos credit: Tara Noelle Photography