Todd Shapiro

The iconic DJ talks to Get Leashed about honing your own image and getting the life you want – Yorkie and all

By the Get Leashed Celebrity Squad

On a chilly Sunday morning in early November, Get Leashed was welcomed into the Toronto home of one of Canada’s most well known DJ’s, Todd Shapiro. As a popular radio host who’s been working in the scene for years, everyone has their own idea of who Todd Shapiro is. But we’re here to attest; he’s not at all what you think.

In a past life, Shapiro was a self-proclaimed d-bag, an in-your-face loudmouth with rude tendencies; a product of the time (it was a popular schtick in radio for too long). He might still carry that image for some, but if you’ve listened to his new show, he’s really found himself and adopted a more sincere image. He’s still funny, even still a bit off the wall and racy, but at the core of his new persona he’s just a good guy – appreciative of his guests, their talent, and his fans especially. This is the Todd Shapiro that greets us at the door asking “Who made this shoot on a Sunday morning?” It’s a rhetorical question. “Oh, I did…well, who wants a Caesar?” Two minutes in and this is already our favorite interview.

On a street crowded with old-fashioned Victorian homes, Shapiro has one of those houses that stands out for its modern style. Which isn’t to say it’s an eyesore by any means. The modern aesthetic adds to the eclectic charm of the street while taking it into a new era. As you walk through the entranceway, you’re hit with natural light flooding a large open space that instantly makes you think of throwing an old-school house party. Kitchen and living room combine under high ceilings, and a large, floor-to-ceiling window looks out on a backyard that’s perfect for hosting an intimate gathering or kicking back in the sunshine. This is one of the best downtown Toronto homes we’ve ever seen.

If you’ve heard the Todd Shapiro Show, you’ll know that he was recently married and his wife, Irina, is rocket-hot. Even recent guest Russell Peters couldn’t help commenting on Shapiro’s luck on landing such a stellar-looking lady. We were glad she was around for our shoot, not just because putting her pictures on Twitter will get us tons of clicks, but because she’s got charm and class which, even if Todd wasn’t as kind as he was, would’ve made us feel right at ease in their beautiful home.

Hoff, Todd’s Yorkie, is anxious to show us his toys and make us his friends. The little dude is a catalyst for Todd’s new self. Years ago, live on the air at the old station, Todd’s mom challenged him to look after something other than himself and Todd decided to run with it. When he visited the litter of Yorkies to pick up a new pal, Hoff held back and was the only one not eager to check Todd out. A lover of all things hard to get (his wife is a testament to this too), Shapiro knew Hoff was the one for him. Now, the little pup is a Shapiro fan like the rest of us and sheds affection on Todd and Irina at every chance. Todd admits that Hoff brought humility into his life; through the Yorkie, he’s found just enough of his softer side and realized that showing emotion and sensitivity didn’t make him any less of a man. This evolved perspective is something that has shaped his life and that he’s carried over into his work.

With a hip, rockstar-ish swagger (he’s got the hair, after all), Shapiro shows us some of the things that make his house a home. Badass artwork, high-grade sound systems and mementos of good times had are strategically placed in every room. Take in an eyeful of any corner and you get a good sense of who Todd Shapiro is. He’s a guy that needs to have on air/off air dual personalities – it’s just the nature of the line of work he’s in. But with a new show, new home, new wife and really, a new life, he’s redefined on and off to be as close as they can be. And, without gushing too much, we’ve gotta say he’s one of the coolest, nicest guys we’ve met–whichever side of the mic he’s sitting on.

You can tune into the Todd Shapiro Show on SiriusXM channel 168 weekdays 4PM – 6PM.

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