Social Pets – J. Cash Wilson

This Movember, J. Cash Wilson stands by his dad, W. Brett Wilson: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and most importantly, cancer warrior

By Jon Nelson


Best known as one of the dragons on the hit show, Dragon’s Den, W. Brett Wilson has done more for Canadian entrepreneurs than any of us can really imagine.  His philanthropic ventures are well documented, adding to the nice guy persona that came across when he took his seat on the dragon panel. As with most really nice guys, a really nice dog sits in the picture as well and in this case, the adorable J. Cash gives an extra bit of love and support to a man that deserves it more than most.

Early last month, Wilson Tweeted that the cancer he fought off years ago had returned. As Movember aims to spread awareness and earn donations to fight the awful disease, we thought it appropriate to feature J. Cash and his cancer fighting pop.

Wilson and J. Cash live in Calgary, so if you think pictures of dogs sporting winter ice beards is as cute as we do, you should follow J. Cash on Twitter. They’re an outdoorsy pair, so if you’re into the views that only Canada’s Western provinces offer, you’re in for a treat when J. Cash posts shots of the epic hikes they embark on.

Named after the legend himself, Johnny Cash, this pup has an appropriate amount of energy and a rambunctious attitude. He’s a good-looking dog that spreads smiles and cheer to all the people around him. We’re big fans of W. Brett Wilson and we’re glad a guy like that has a dog like this to help keep his spirits up during what’s bound to be a bit of a tough time. As Wilson wrote on his own Twitter page, he’s “grateful for an opportunity to beat cancer again.” We have no doubt he will and we send along our best wishes in hopes that he knocks that cancer out again and maintains his undefeated title.

Twitter: JCashWilson / WBrettWilson