Movember’s Mustached Dogs

Get Leashed pays tribute to the dogs that remind us of the power of the MO

By Brian Reynolds


In 2003, an Australian campaign seeking to “change the face” of men’s health came into being. Since then, that modest campaign has morphed into the global phenomenon known as Movember, in which men around the world grow mustaches and raise money to fight prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues. While the focus in this campaign is on men growing their best ‘staches, we’d like to get in on the Movember spirit the Get Leashed way: by celebrating the distinguished dogs that have been sporting facial hair on their upper lip since before it was cool. Move over Tom Selleck—it’s time for these hairy hounds to shine.

The Schnauzer (large, miniature and standard size) is a dog breed that started in Germany. They are known for having great beards, but their mustaches are nothing to sneeze at either (unless you’re allergic–then you should probably sneeze or else you could get brain damage). Schnauzers are easily my favorite mustache-sporting dogs, as their coloring reminds me of the kinds of mustaches old men would have back in the day: big, long, proud, in a mottled grey and white. A truly classic ‘stache.

Another beauteous brethren of the Schnauzer is the Bearded Collie. Although these pups don’t technically have mustaches, their great bearded manes can be twisted and curled along their upper lips into a stylish mustache fine enough for the English House of Lords.

Terriers are also terrific mustache growers. Yorkshire and Sealyham terriers are both smaller dogs, but they make up for their stature with mucho mustaches! Other terriers, such as the Wired Hair Fox terrier and the Australian Silky Haired terrier are known to sport a fine mo , but the bushy mustaches of the former and the fine hair of the latter don’t quite stand up to the other two breeds.

Now, don’t get worked up if your dog can’t grow a mustache; not all men can grow one either! If your dog is not of the facially hirsute persuasion, you can still get in on the action with a fake mustache, such as that sported by this fine Pomeranian gent. This pup looks so dashing that he’d be perfect to replace the Monopoly man should Hasbro ever decide they need a new mascot.

Whatever facial hair you or your pup have got going on, making a donation to the many causes Movember supports is the best way to show what kind of man you really are.

While some of the below might lean to the ridiculous side, we’re quite sure that not too many people can turn away from an adorable mustached dog (or hunky man, for that matter). In the spirit of getting as many eyes on Movember as possible, we present some of our favorite pics from across the interweb!

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