The Best Dog Rescue Stories You’ll Ever Read

Nicole Simone’s incredibly touching happily-ever-after “Redemption Dogs” series

By Stefanie Gibson


Not every picture is worth a thousand words, but we’re pretty fond of the ones that are. That’s why we’re loving the “Redemption Dogs” series, created by Toronto photographer, Nicole Simone. Featuring the happily-ever-after stories of rescue dogs, each picture in the series tells the tale of a dog who got the loving life they deserve. Like “Humans of New York” with a tail, the series provides an intimate glimpse into someone else’s life, capturing the beautiful and painful stories of rescue dogs.

Simone got inspiration for the series after volunteering in an animal rescue for the past eight years and photographing dogs to help increase adoption. She realized that there weren’t enough people celebrating the happier side of rescue dogs– and so the “Redemption Dogs” project was born.

As Simone’s work grows in popularity, she’s taking her show on the road. Her next stop is Brooklyn, where she’ll be continuing her series with the help of the Sean Casey Rescue, who are connecting her with their network of adoptees and adopters. After that, she’ll be making her way to Montreal. This growing series is one that we’re definitely going to keep our eye on. Here are a few of the heartwarming tales.

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