Social Pets – Princess Monster Truck

Princess Monster Truck’s famous face raises awareness for pet rescue organizations

By Jon Nelson


Taking the expression “so ugly it’s cute” to new heights, the adorable Princess Monster Truck has taken the Internet by storm by being just that. With her terribly cute under bite and awfully sweet out of place teeth, this cat uses her fame in a super hero capacity, advocating the rescue of animals in need.

Saved from the mean streets of NYC in a heart-warming tale of compassion, Princess Monster Truck’s celebrity has exploded on Instagram. Her saviors, artists Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce, decided there was something special about the odd looking feline and have given her a loving home in which she’s free to prowl around while allowing her picture to be taken daily and shared with over a hundred thousand adoring fans.

With a hip apparel line all her own, her swag is modeled across the Internet to further boost awareness and raise money for animals in need. The hope is that everyone will find their own Princess Monster Trucks and continue to educate more potential pet owners about visiting shelters and adopting animals vs. using breeders or buying from pet stores.

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Princess Monster Truck forever!