Kate Makinson & Jeremy Potvin

The rock & roll publicity manager and startup journeyman let Angus the Bo-Jack steal the show when Get Leashed visits their Toronto home

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Our quest to capture awesome pet/owner relationships has taken us to some pretty cool homes to meet some pretty cool dogs—and some pretty cool owners too. We love seeing how dogs complement the people they live with, and vice versa. Take Kate Makinson and Jeremy Potvin and their Boston Terrier/Jack Russell mix (or Bojack, for short), Angus. One look at this trio, and it’s hard to tell who takes after whom. They’re all a little rock ‘n roll with a curious drive towards finding and enjoying what they love. It’s all just a jumble of badass-ness.

All that matters is that Angus is a bullet of a dog who loves to charge out the back door at the very thought of squirrels—head-first, no questions asked. And his owners display similar levels of energy and verve. Jeremy Potvin has been written up as the “start-up guy” to keep an eye on.  He’s got all kinds of success under his belt and you get the feeling that he’d figure out a way to be good at whatever he wanted to be good at. The lovely Kate Makinson is a senior publicist at one of the coolest PR shops in town and you can tell she’s got a keen eye for what’s good and what could make good better.

Loving these guys yet? Here’s a bit more about their life and style in Kate’s own words:

About you:

I am the Senior Manager of Publicity at rock-it promotions – one of Canada’s top lifestyle-based public relations firms. I oversee key accounts within our agency’s portfolio (like Soho House) as well as manage members of our junior team and their various client accounts. My experience spans lifestyle, fashion, hospitality and luxury and as such, I also work closely on new business initiatives. Working with a group of young, hungry, savvy women is one of my favourite parts of the job. A career in PR is organized chaos – the OCD, multitasker in me LOVES it.

What’s your ideal weekend?

Jeremy and I consider ourselves pretty lucky to be one of “those couples.” In addition to being partners, we’re best friends. He’s hands-down my very favourite person to spend time with. Weekends often see us at home: cooking, chatting, drinking wine, listening to music, hanging out with the pup and enjoying our home. OR – we’re fortunate to have a bunch of friends in the restaurant business so big group dinners at The Harbord Room, DaiLo, or Campagnolo are frequent affairs. We have no trouble having fun!

About your pet:

Angus is a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier mix (BoJack), OR simply put, the most energetic being on this earth. On a cold, grey January morning in 2010 (about 7 months before we got together) Jer made a very hasty decision to get a puppy. He had been promising his kids (now teenagers) for years that he’d one day get a puppy and he woke up that morning and decided it would be a great surprise. In August of 2010, Jeremy and Angus came into my life as a package deal. He’s honestly the best dog. He doesn’t lack in personality AT ALL and I can’t imagine life without him.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a bit of a rock and roller. If I could live in ripped denim, and a leather motorcycle jacket every day, I’d be happy. Luckily I work in a creative industry that’s pretty fashion-forward so on most days, I get my wish. Correspondingly, Angus’ threads mimic his mom’s. He has a skull and crossbones black/white sweater and his latest accoutrement is a black bandana that says “All The Bitches Love Me.”

What inspires you?

So many things…the lyrics of a really good song, the beauty in nature, my family, my friends, running, the beautiful human that is my mother, wordsmiths, romantics…

How would you describe the style of your home?

Everyone who enters our home always remarks that it’s “cozy” which makes me happy – because that’s how a home should feel. I love colour and fresh flowers but I also love me some rock and roll and those elements are injected into our décor wherever they make sense. We have an amazing collection of vintage records from Jeremy’s mom on display in the built-ins in our living room and coffee table books aplenty that feature The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Fleetwood Mac – some of my all-time favourites. When you enter our home, there’s a giant turquoise surfboard from Paul Frank (a brand that Jeremy used to rep) in our front entryway. I guess it’s a pretty eclectic mix. And clean. It’s always clean.

Tell us a pet story:

There’s no doubt that Angus is a terrier – a double terrier in fact. He’s a maniac with a penchant for killing small things (skunks, squirrels etc.) but he’s also the sweetest boy. He knows if someone’s upset and is always available for a snuggle if he thinks you’re sad or sick. I love how happy he is when we come home. He truly does make us smile each and every day. Dogs are the best.