Social Pets – Neville Jacobs

Neville Jacobs shows ups what being the distinguished pup of fashion icon, Marc Jacobs, is all about

By Jon Nelson


When it comes to famous people’s dogs, we often wonder if they know they’re special. There’s definitely a spotlight on Neville Jacobs, the bull-terrier belonging to fashion designer Marc Jacobs, and it could just be us, but Neville seems to soak it up. If you’re one of his 93K Instagram followers, you’ll note that he’s a bit of a star in his own right, making the streets of NYC look like one big fun house full of play dates and strolls with Marc.

Take a second to Google Neville Jacobs, and you’ll note that he hasn’t been on the scene for all that long. But in his couple short years since puppyhood, he’s been by Marc’s side for countless photo ops and needless to say, he makes a good-looking man look even better.

Whether he’s modeling clothes (look out, menswear dog) or just hamming it up in front of the camera, this pooch has the kind of mug dog lovers can’t get enough of. Case in point, a toothy smile seems to be his signature look. Whatever the reason for his popularity, we’re no more immune than anyone else to this dog’s charm!

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