Style in the City: Capitol Hill, Seattle

Happy and healthy with the trendy people of Seattle’s Capitol Hill

By Alexandra Brown


Up on the Hill, it’s all about the hip young guys and gals of Seattle, and the things that make them tick. And—maybe more than any other place in North America—what makes them tick is that beautiful beverage known as coffee. While baristas, artisanal blends and foam density ratings rage across the globe, there’s no forgetting that this is where the coffee resurgence first began. It’s just one of the things we love about Seattle. Add to that the fact that this Pacific Northwest stunner is one of the healthiest cities on the continent, with juice bars and farmers markets to prove it, and you’re in for a treat for the taste buds wherever you turn.

When you’re hanging in the hill, you’ve got to do it like a local and look the part. Anyone who knows West Coast weather knows that layers and all-season shoes are a must. And since comfort is key in Seattle, we’ve also taken the liberty of adding some of the most fashionable sweats on the market to our list of city-approved street couture. When it comes to footwear, you need to be able to get up a steep slope, but be styling enough to stop for a beer with friends. For dog people, there’s no lack of cool spots to stroll and cool items to purchase for your pup. Artsy accessories for canine companions are where it’s at!