Life of Vi: Violet’s Holiday Gift Guide

Violet shows off her favorite picks for the holiday season

By Rachel Simpson


Violet might not know much, but she knows what she likes: food, tummy rubs, your food, laps, your friend’s food. Not everything she likes is human or edible, though. So, if your dog is anything like Vi, you should take notes. With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve got the perfect gift guide for dog owners. Don’t worry, dogs aren’t hard to shop for, and everything they really need you probably already give them. But if you want to spoil your canine companion for, oh, I don’t know, maybe the endless devotion and unconditional love they provide, here are a few items that can’t miss.


Best Dressed

Violet wants to run amok. She can’t help it. And while we have to keep her on a short leash, the least we can do is make it a stylish one. Made in Canada, Hound Collections buttery soft leather, gorgeous hardware and on-trend colors and fabrics are a must-have for every dog.


Calendar Girl

Violet doesn’t really pose: she just reacts to our gibberish in the hopes of getting a treat. So it took a little work to get her picture for the Dog Days 2015 calendar. But it was well worth the effort to be part of a project that both looks fantastic and donates proceeds to Border Collie Rescue, CorgiPals, Vancouver Animal Shelter, Border Collies in Need, and Adopt-A-Dog/Save-A-Life.


Graphic Content

Colors? Who needs them? Dogs can’t even see in color. Why not live your life in black and white? Violet does – and she’s adorable! Heart bowl, striped leash and collar from Henri Bendel. Puppy Uppers canister from Jonathan Adler.


Cozy Cashmere

Fur might be glamorous, but it’s not something we really endorse. When we want to put Violet in something really luxurious cashmere is the only way to go. And the only way to go with cashmere for your dog is with something from our friends at Ruby Rufus.


Portrait of a Lady

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a portrait or illustration has gotta be worth, what? A million? Whatever the number, it’s great to have had three incredible artists create lasting images of our little Violet for us. The colorful illustration is by Jackie Besteman; the portrait was painted by Craig Welch, who is not only an award winning animator and artist (Check this out!), but also a member of the family. And the illustration of Vi enjoying a milk shake is by illustrator Monica Smiley. All three artists are available for commission.


Silky Smooth

Nobody really likes a chapped anything. That goes for Vi too. Unfortunately, she rarely wears shoes and she lives her life face first, so chapping, especially in the winter, is unavoidable. To help fight the effects of the elements we use Natural Dog Company’s Pawtector and Snout Soother. The perfect blend of moisturizing, nourishing and healing ingredients.