Andrew F. Stewart

Getting ready for the holidays with the millennial ad man and condo life aficionado

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Andrew F. Stewart is an old acquaintance of Get Leashed Mag’s managing editor. Which doesn’t make our ME special, because Andrew pretty much knows every millennial in Toronto. He’s literally everywhere. If you’ve met him once, you’re bound to see him regularly after that, especially if you live in the Church/Bloor area. It could be that he stands out – he’s a dashing dude – or it could be that he’s rolling with one of the cutest Pug-Boston mixes in town. Probably both of those things. In any case, if you’ve met him, you know that running into him will make your day. He’s friendly, charming, personable, and you know what? He’s not faking it.

With the holidays coming up (though full disclosure, his tree is up SUPER early and he knows it), we took the liberty of having a little holiday shoot with Andrew and his pup, Chester. It was Chester’s first time in his Santa hat and we were lucky to get even one pic before he shook it off, (we had to Photoshop one into the header, can you tell?).

Andrew’s been written up in Suite Life for undertaking a personal quest to find his favorite condo in the building he loves before buying it. He moves every eighteen months or so, which he says isn’t so bad with movers. It’s an urban adventure of a different sort and no doubt a smart move for someone that likes to make sure his life is the happiest it can be. And as any dog lover knows, friendly dogs are owned by happy people, so if you’re meeting Chester for the first time, you’re likely hanging out with two new friends.

Read more about Andrew F. Stewart and Chester below and follow Andrew on his blog and Twitter page!

Tell us about yourself:

You know funny cat videos on Facebook? I kinda make those! But really, I’m a social media strategist. I help brands make content that you “like” and “share” and most importantly, I try to make content that makes you smile. I love what I do. It’s always changing and never dull! Plus I get to spend my days on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend would be a quick getaway to New York, Montreal, Chicago or somewhere else within a short flight. I love exploring new cities, cafés and side streets. Shopping, good food, time with friends and a night on the town is what I would call ideal.

Tell us about your pet:

My pup’s name is Chester and he’s my everything. Chester is a Pug and Boston mix–sometimes known as a Bugg. I waited a long time to get a dog. I got Chester when my father was in the hospital, as I needed something overly cheerful to distract me. You wouldn’t think it was necessarily the best time to get a pup, but when getting a dog you just have to dive right in. Otherwise, there will always be an excuse. This little guy is my best friend and I couldn’t be happier. Chester and I share the same personality: Outgoing, playful, excited just to be here, constantly hungry–and we both have the supernatural ability to nap anywhere, anytime.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as Modern Millennial. I always said I never wanted a job were I would have to wear a suit. Dress shoes and I aren’t friends. My style mantra is: look simple, modern and expensive. I go through more plain, fitted black T-shirts than anyone I know. I wear them 5 times, donate them and get new ones. When I’m not at work you can find me in a designer tank-top and flashy sneakers.

What inspires you?

Working in social media, I have the privilege of watching what’s going on around the world in real time, as it is happening. That’s what inspires me. I love seeing everyday things that people post from all over the world. A morning coffee in Paris, a kid playing in a park in Tokyo, a party happening in Tel Aviv. It all makes me smile and makes me wonder.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I would rather have one thing I love around me than twenty things I find adequate. I’m kinda sensitive to my surroundings; much like with my personal style, I like things that are modern, clean and simple. That being said, coming from a long British lineage I do like to have some accent pieces that remind me of my family’s rich history.

Tell us a pet story!

Chester flies so much on Porter he is known by almost all of the flight attendants. They once even called him out on the speaker.